Meltemi (2002)


  • Aufnahme: Oktober 2002
  • Studio Camarillo Sound Studio, Hemer
  • Tontechniker Benny Mokross
  • Gäste
    – Recep Seber: Kanoun auf „Nihavent“
    – Klaus Schmedtmann: Cornet auf „A person is a sometime thing“
    Horst Rellecke: Covergestaltung
  • Motto Meltemi: A fair weather wind blowing from a northerly direction in the aegean sea is felt to be pleasently refreshing in summer


Bilal: Abdullah Ibrahim
Nomads: Zakir Hussain
Der Schnee der letzten Nacht: Detlef Brune
Houdouth: Anouar Brahim
Sais – Egypt: Mtume Heath
Nihavent: trad. Anatolien
Desireless: Don Cherry
Vashkar: Carla Bley
A person is a sometime thing: Hugh Masekela
Mr. Gone: Joe Zawinul

Linar Notes

Nomads  – All the places we perfomed by now – in confined spaces, in sweltering heat, shivering with cold, near the Circle of Power. We are leaving the Snow of the last night behind us. Meltemi is the wind carrying us southward. The big bird Houdouth is swinging himself up on it. Sais is the shore of calm waters where we land. From the distance we hear Bilal, the muezzin calling. Nihavent is his melody. Desireless is the suspension of all dreams and Vashkar the personal paradise, for a person is a sometime thing.
Mr. Gone has already seen all the places. He is our talisman. He is a cactus. He is a big green cactus.